Rights of Our Stakeholders

Disclosure and Transparency

  • Our company adheres to the principle of transparency and commits to a regime of open disclosure in line with the general demands of corporate governance and the relevant rules and regulations to assure proper governance practices.
  • We commit to meet all disclosure requirements mandated by our regulators, particularly those involving material events. Moreover, we shall make such disclosure within the prescribed reporting period.
  • We report on our Annual Report and provide regular updates on our website on the shareholders with significant ownership of the shares of our company.
  • We issue an Annual Report which contains, among others, a report on our company’s financial performance following the IFRS, as mandated by the Philippine SEC; a restatement of our company’s dividend policy and its specific application to the year covered by the Annual Report; information on currently serving directors, including their age, experience, and date of first appointment to our company’s board; a report on related party transactions, including the name of the related party, and nature and value of each material RPT; and a report on the external auditor, on audit and non-audit fees paid.
  • We commit to the timely issuance of our audited financial statements.
  • We use our company website to provide up-to-date information on the results, both financial and non-financial, of our company’s business operations, as well as changes in our company’s ownership structure. Our website shall have a downloadable Annual Report, as well as copies of notice of call for the AGM, our current by-laws and articles of incorporation, and our company strategy map.
  • Our company maintains an Investor Relations Office whose responsible officers are identified, including information on their contact parameters.