Rights of Our Stakeholders

Role of Our Stakeholders

  • Our company duly acknowledges the duties we owe to other parties that may not have equity stakes in our company. They are stakeholders of the company, although they are not shareholders. We respect, defend and promote the rights of these stakeholders.
  • Our company’s policy towards consumers and customers is rooted on the core principle of providing quality care and service in the provision of goods and services to them under terms and conditions that are fair and satisfactory. We abide by the rules aimed at ensuring their health and safety.
  • We value our relationships with our suppliers and contractors. We follow the rules concerning the fair and transparent process of selecting them.
  • We ensure the environmental friendliness of our corporate operations, and we contribute to the over-all sustainability of the physical environment where our company operates.
  • We look upon the local communities where we have operations as effective partners in our common interest to uplift and upgrade the life of those communities.
  • We support the government and its private sector partners in spreading a good governance regime, which makes no room for corruption and bribery.
  • We value the contribution that creditors give to our growth and development. We respect the rights of creditors, who have interests that the law safeguards.
  • We uphold all laws concerning the proper and fair treatment of our external stakeholders, particularly our consumers, creditors, the environment and its sustainability, the government, and the local communities where our company has operations. We consider violations of such laws as well as violations of our country’s commercial and competition laws a serious offense; those in our company found to be responsible for such violations are to be dealt with in line with our company’s policy on sanctions. We also uphold all laws concerning the proper and fair treatment of our officers and employees.
  • Our company has very important internal stakeholders in the officers and employees who work in our company. We owe them more than their due share of attention and care. We invest in their continuing learning and growth.
  • We make actual provision for their training and continuing development, in over-all consistency with their dignity as individual persons.
  • We provide for their health, safety, and over-all welfare, as the law mandates.
  • We have installed a system of rewards, recognition, and remuneration that promotes and provides strong incentives to long-term performance.
  • We promote a culture of ethical and clean practices.
  • Our company puts a premium on profit maximization and the optimization of shareholder value. However, we also recognize that for long-term sustainability and strength, we answer to the imperative of striking a proper balance between purely short-term financial performance and the longer-term overall corporate performance: this is underpinned and secured by several non-financial factors as well, which may include, but not be limited to, the loyalty and commitment of all external and internal stakeholders to the health, sustainability and strength of our company.