Geothermal power plants generate power using natural heat and steam from beneath the earth’s surface. It is the only type of clean and renewable energy that can provide uninterrupted power, 24/7.

Energy Development Corporation (EDC), the world’s largest vertically- integrated geothermal company, is a subsidiary of First Gen that is primarily engaged in the exploration, development, operation, and optimization of geothermal steamfields, and in power generation. Prior to November 2007, EDC was a government-owned and controlled corporation, known as Philippine National Oil Company-Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC).

EDC owns and operates 12 integrated geothermal power stations in Leyte, Bicol, Southern Negros, and North Cotabato, with an installed capacity of 1,179 MW.

EDC’s 12 integrated geothermal power stations consist of the following:

  • 232.5-MW Malitbog (Leyte)
  • 180-MW Mahanagdong (Leyte)
  • 125-MW Upper Mahiao (Leyte)
  • 123.0-MW Tongonan (Leyte)
  • 50.9-MW Optimization (Leyte)
  • 120-MW Bacman I (Bicol)
  • 20-MW Bacman II (Bicol)
  • 112.5-MW Palinpinon I (Negros Island)
  • 60-MW Palinpinon II (Negros Island)
  • 49.4-MW Nasulo (Negros Island)
  • 52-MW Mindanao I (North Cotabato)
  • 54-MW Mindanao II (North Cotabato)


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