Hydroelectric power plants produce power by harnessing energy from flowing or moving water. Apart from being a source of renewable energy, hydro plants also help with flood control, irrigation, and water supply.

Pantabangan-Masiway Hydroelectric Power Plant

The 132-MW Pantabangan-Masiway hydroelectric power plant complex (PMHEP) located in Nueva Ecija is owned and operated by First Gen Hydro Power Corporation (FG Hydro). The complex has two components: the 100-MW Pantabangan hydroelectric plant (PHEP) component that was commissioned in 1977, and the 12-MW Masiway hydroelectric plant portion that was commissioned in 1981. Both plants are part of a multipurpose hydro complex that supplies irrigation water for the vast rice fields of Nueva Ecija, approximately 180 kilometers northeast of Metro Manila.

At the time of the PMHEP’s transfer to First Gen, it had a total installed capacity of 112 MW. After a major rehabilitation that was completed at the end of 2010, the total capacity of PHEP increased to 120 MW, increasing the total capacity of the PMHEP complex to 132 MW.

To date, FG Hydro sells its generated electricity to various customers under Power Supply Agreements (PSA).  Electricity generated by PMHEP in excess of its contracted levels is sold to the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market. Furthermore, FG Hydro optimizes uncontracted capacity by providing ancillary services to the grid.

Agusan Mini-Hydroelectric Plant

Commissioned and constructed by National Power Corporation in 1957, the Agusan mini-hydro plant is located in Damilag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, 36 kilometers southeast of Cagayan de Oro City in Northern Mindanao. The run-of-river plant covers a land area of approximately 14 hectares, and consists of two 800-kW turbine generators that use water from the Agusan River through a six-kilometer headrace and a 2.83-hectare forebay to generate electricity.

The 1.6-MW Agusan sells all electricity output from its mini-hydro plant to the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company, Inc., through a PSA that is effective until March 2025.

Other Energy Facilities